Boone County Sheriff Summons and Subpoena Fees

Change in fees for summons & subpoena’s – Effective 6/27/2019

Effective 6/27/2019, the Boone County Sheriff’s Office will charge $70.00 for the service of a subpoena and $70.00 for the service of a civil summons. This includes a $60 charge, as indicated in KRS 64.090 (2), as well as a fee of $10 imposed by Boone County.

KRS 64.090 (2):

Sheriffs shall charge and collect a fee of sixty dollars ($60) from any person not requesting the service of the sheriff on behalf of the Commonwealth, any of its agencies, or the Department of Kentucky State Police for the services provided in subsection (1) of this section where a percentage, commission, or reasonable fee is not otherwise allowed.

If a percentage, commission, or reasonable fee is allowed, that amount shall be paid. If payment is specified from a person other than the person who requested the service, then the person specified shall be responsible for payment.